The above code is an iphone one-time use promotion and will provide access to the Aurora sleep music app for 1 year.

No sign-up required. The code needs to be redeemed from inside the downloaded app.

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We are a small bootstrapped start-up and are proud to put community ahead of commercials whenever we can.  So if you need a boost, and paying for Aurora's subscription is out of reach,

please grab a code. These are tough times and our sleep and wellness music therapy is for everyone who needs it regardless of whether they can afford it or not.

Of course, if you can afford the annual cost (£19.99) then please download the app and purchase a subscription as this will help us to continue to compose new, original music that you can customise and make improvements to the app and our service (for example, building on Android).


The code below will allow you to enjoy unlimited access to all music free of charge for a year. We only ask that, if possible, you leave us a store review or some feedback or share Aurora with your family and friends. This would help us greatly.

Please click on the box below, and follow the instructions to redeem the code. If you have any difficulties, please contact us:


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