In no particular order, this is a list of  commonly asked questions about the app

Will there always be free music?

Yes! There will always be free music. Our premium music is affordable, but not everyone has the luxury of making this purchase.

Our mission is to offer everyone some respite from stress. We want to share what we make and give something back where we can. Music really can heal, and if we can be part of that, we have gained too.

Can I play the music on an endless loop?

Yes. Go to the Timer/Fader screen (link top of the app), slide the Timer button to 'off'..

What does Premium access give me?

A paid subscription unlocks our premium music for a year. As our catalogue expands you will have instant access to each new premium song for the duration of your plan. All our compositions are original, and feature authentic instruments which take a multitude of hours to craft. For details of auto-renewal or how plans work, please see your app store and our Terms.

How often do you add Free music?

We will add more free songs over time, but this will be limited. Each composition is a labour of love, and we need to generate an income to pay our bills, and to keep improving the app and our service. To make this possible we have a Premium subscription tier. We will continue to keep the cost of this content extremely competitive for all. Don't forget we're interested to hear about the kind of music that you would like to see on the app. Contact us anytime.

My music starts but then seems to fade out and stop?

By default the timer/fader is set to fade out the music after 1 hour. Click on the ‘Timer’ icon (top of the app), then change your timer, or switch off altogether. When it is off, the music will loop continuously until you quit the app. If this doesn't fix it, contact us at

How do i cancel my subscription?

Sorry to hear you want to cancel, but the process is quite straightforward. Follow this link to see how: - If there is anything we can do to change your mind, don't hesitate to contact us.

Will the music play once my app is closed?

Yes, the music will continue to play in the background. The music will only stop playing if you clear the app from your phone's cache. If you keep the music playing indefinitely, please ensure your phone is on charge.

I have a problem, how can I contact you?

Easy - email We read every single message and will get back to you as promptly as we can. Please bear in mind we are a tiny team right now - from small acorns right?

How much data do you hold on me?

None. We are in start-up mode and our goal is simply to create beautiful, releaxing and intriguing music as part of our mission to reduce stress and imporove wellbing. What matters to us most right now if to know if our music is enjoyed, and is making a difference to your sleep, relaxation or meditation. Do let us know what you like, don't like or how we can improve.

Is the music available offline?

Yes, but you must first download each song. When you click the 'Play' button on a track, we automatically download all the necessary files to allow you to play that piece of music offline. You can manage the music stored on your device from the 'Settings' icon, top right of the app.

What’s the difference between the ‘Composition’ and ‘Sounds’?

Each song is made of a collection of instruments which are grouped together as a single Composition.

The instruments which make up the arrangement are completely unique yet crafted to work in harmony with one another. This is what allows you to blend them to personalise the overall texture and feel of the song to your owns needs.

The nature Sounds are common to all songs and do not necessarily interact with the music. They work as overlays for when you want an enhancement. How simple or complex you make that is up to you!

Is the music available anywhere else on the web?

Some of our music may appear on other channels over time, but this will only be a subsection. The full catalogue will only ever be available on the Aurora app, and of course the only place you can totally control the configuration of each song, is on the app.

Can I request new music?

You bet. We would love to hear your thoughts on new music for the app. All requests will be considered carefully, and we’ll let you know if your suggestion makes it into our schedule. We look forward to hearing from you.

What is the 'Relaxation Score'

When you add a review, we ask how it makes you 'feel'. This allows us to assess a level of relaxation. We then take all the ratings for a particular piece of music and find the average. The relaxation score is updated weekly.

Can I access any music if I cancel my paid account?

Definitely, you will always have access to our free music for as long as you have our app installed.

How do i adjust the volume?

Each instrument has it's own volume control. You'll see this in the 'Composition' or the 'Sounds' section of the song. Putting the sliders to the far left will produce zero sound. Putting the sliders to the right is for maximum sound. If the music seems quiet, try increasing the overall volume of your device.

How big is the app to download?

The download size is approx 15mb. However please note that each song you listen to is automatically downloaded to your device. This gives you the ability to play the music anywhere, anytime without the need for a connection.

Song downloads vary in size, depending on the number of instruments in each composition. On average each song iis usually between 10-20mb in total. You can manage your downloads from the 'settings' tab (top right of app).

For info, we will be launching a 'preview' feature for all music, without the need to download the files. It will offer a 30-50 preview for every song , including the premium content. This feature will be available later this year.

Can I save my song preferences?

As you configure the sliders on a composition they will be remembered for the next time you come back to play that piece of music. If you 'heart' or favourite a song, this will give you a shortcut back to all your favourite tracks.

Who writes your music?

Thank you for wondering! All our music is composed and produced in-house by skilled and avid music producers. All our world sounds are original sampled instruments. This gives us precision control over how we compile it. We will not compromise on music authenticity and quality! The music is fully copyrighted and must not be downloaded or copied for any purpose.

Can I hear music on the website?

We've started to add previews to our music on the website. These can be found in the 'All Music' section.

I found a bug on the app what should I do?

Oh no, very sorry to hear that. Please let us know in as much detail as possible, and we'll look into it right away. Send your email to

I can hear where a song is looping

Argh, that's not right. It's agonising actually, as looping is one of the most delicate aspects of what we do and we put a huge amount of time and effort into loop quality. Please let us know straight away, and on which song, and we will get straight on to some more finessing. Contact

Sometimes I get a spinning icon when I choose a track?

When you first click play, the music and all accompanying files are downloaded for playback (and offline use). This is a one-time operation, but the app does check to see if there are updates when you return to a song. If it finds an update to the song, (which might includes our musicians improving the quality of an instrument), the app will download the new file before it plays.

What updates do you have planned?

Oh, there is so much we want to do. All ideas for development go into our backlog, and we will add new features based on your feedback. We are currently looking at adding adding a reviews feature plus more mindfulness music with voicevers. Please let us know if you have any great ideas for the app.

I've added a review but it's not showing?

When you add a review, it goes into a 'pending' status. This means we need a real world human to look at it before it goes live. Because the app is anonymous to use we simply cannot allow reviews to go directly onto the app, we need to verify for anything unsavoury. It usually takes 2-3 days for a review to go live. If you are not seeing yours after this time, then contact us.

If your question has not been answered, please contact us (