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What is Aurora sleep music?

Sleep is personal and we want to help you sleep your way. We've put you in charge of the composition, the instruments and other sounds. From relaxing affirmations to ASMR,  Lo-fi and world music, we bring you something unique and let you take it further.


Whether you choose to soothe yourself to sleep or to release stress we hope to give you a beautiful experience.


You come first so there will always be free tracks and never any ads or obligatory sign up.

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14 Jan 21

So Soothing

OMG Aurora! Where have you been for the past 10 Years? Eminently customisable sleep tunes that really send you off in to a deep, deep sleep. Haven’t found anything else that quiets my mind like this. Big fan. Thank you



10 Jan 21

Highly customisable

I would recommend that you give this app a try! Very easy to use, highly customisable to your own tastes and requirements. Infinite combinations. I think there must be something here for everyone...



23 April 21

Excellent range of mixable sounds

I LOVE Aurora music. It's perfect to have on in the background as I'm working. It's relaxing and inspiring.


Barbaric res

8 Mar 21

Wonderfully relaxing

Lots of different sound backgrounds to choose from. Very easy to select and balance the sounds andf rhythms. Simple but satisfying, and has helpted me with stress and getting to sleep.

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Yesterday in the USA

This music really helps me when I have a migraine and am trying to sleep. Usually just about any sound makes my head hurt more, but this gradually soothes my head. May it help others as well. Thank you for this beautiful
Foggy Lake


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12 months free access to premium music

Is paying for Aurora's subscription a little out of reach? Please grab a code. These are tough times and our sleep and wellness music therapy is for everyone who needs it regardless of whether they can afford it or not.

 New music this month

We're busy building our catalogue and releasing new music on the app regularly.

All our compositions are new, unique and only available on the app. We have sound therapy, ASMR, low-fi, mindfulness and mantras, and a few quirky tracks for a taste of intrigue!

Sacral Chakra, Swadisthana (Pure Tone) 417 Hz

Sacral Chakra, Swadisthana (Pure Tone) 417 Hz

The swadishthana chakra, associated with the sacrum and located below the naval, It is known to influence self-worth as well as creativity and sexuality.

When in balance, and through a strong sense of desire, we can pursue our passions and be at peace with all the challenges that life may present.

In ancient times, it was believed that menstrual and reproductive issues were caused in part by an imbalance in this chakra. When corrected, you feel abundant, creative, and free. It marks the start of our new beginnings in life and can bring about change. True alignment will make you feel good about your sexuality, and take joy in the pleasure of all the senses.

We have added the wonderful sound of a Balafon, a kind of wooden xylophone. It has been played since the 1300 and originated in Mali. We have used it here as a backdrop to the Puretone and we’ve been told it can be quite mesmerizing. All instruments in our chakra series are tuned to their corresponding frequencies for sacred precision.

Chakra: Sacral
Name: Swadishthana
Colour: Orange
Element: Water
Frequency: 417 Hz
Location: Below the naval


Aurora was made for challenging times

The story of Aurora is one of exploring music as an instinctive, effortless and enjoyable way to allow the mind, body and spirit to synchronously heal and energise. Music therapy is reported to improve respiration, lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate and relax muscle tension. It has been used to diffuse stress and releve pain. Knowing this and experiencing its benefits ourselves, we wanted to take the concept further and produce music for mental health that every listener could adjust and mix to create their own special sound.



Our story

David's story ..

At the start of the pandemic, my work as an IT consultant was hit hard. I had spent many years in the travel sector, but the realisation quickly hit that after much outreach in 2020, nothing was materialising and it felt like it may not be possible for me to get back in. After a lot of introspection I started to get back into music, which has always been my passion. Previously I had too little time for it. Now I had time to be generous with!

Initially, all I wanted was to create some songs for my own benefit and mental health. As I shared my compositions privately, I began see just how many of the people around me were having their own struggles with stress and sleep issues.

I tried some of the apps out there but I didn't find anything musically rich and diverse, so I started writing soundscapes and melodies in various different styles, tweaking them to get the vibe that was right for me. I began to discover the most amazing instruments from around the world and blend them into my own compositions. It dawned on me that this was what was missing from existing apps: the ability to personalise exceptional instruments and sounds to your mood or need.  Sleep is so incredibly personal and we all tune in - or switch off - differently. This incredibly fascinating journey was the start of Aurora back in August 2020. 

My IT background has helped bring everything to life, and it has truly been a labour of love. This far the team is my wife Sarah and I, and we are self-funding. We hope to bring you a unique quality of music that helps you decompress and enjoy some better sleep.

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